PG&E Stock: Are Analysts Cautious?



Analysts’ views

According to Wall Street analysts, PG&E (PCG) stock has a potential upside of more than 51% for the next year based on its median target price of $40.2. PG&E’s current market price is $26.5.

Among the 16 analysts covering PG&E surveyed by Reuters, eight recommended a “hold,” four recommended a “buy,” and four recommended a “strong buy.” The stock doesn’t have any “sell” ratings as of December 14.

PCG anr

Peers’ target prices

Sempra Energy (SRE) stock has a median target price of $125.9—compared to its current market price of $117.6, which indicates an upside potential of ~7% for the next 12 months. Morgan Stanley raised Sempra Energy’s target price from $121.0 to $125.0 on December 14.

Edison International (EIX) stock has an estimated upside of ~12% for the next 12 months and a median target price of $66.5. Currently, Edison International is trading at $59.5. Morgan Stanley raised Edison International’s target price from $76.0 to $82.0 on December 14.

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