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A Quick Survey of Alibaba Stock



Profitability ratio

Alibaba’s (BABA) trailing-12-month gross margin is 49.17% compared to the industry and sector averages of 40.63% and 43.56%, respectively. Alibaba’s five-year gross margin is 62.97%.

Alibaba’s trailing-12-month operating margin is 18.24%, whereas the industry and sector averages are 23.57% and 22.41%, respectively. Peers Alphabet (GOOGL), Amazon (AMZN), Baidu (Baidu), and Facebook (FB) have trailing-12-month operating margins of 23.27%, 4.87%, 15.07%, and 46.43%, respectively.

Alibaba’s trailing-12-month net profit margin sits at 23.72% compared to the industry and sector averages of 25% and 17.48%, respectively. Its trailing-12-month EBITDA margin is 23.60%, while its five-year average is 38.61% compared to the industry average of 31.09%.

Alibaba’s pretax margin for the trailing 12 months is 29.12% compared to the industry average of 31.74%. Its five-year average margin is 47.15% compared to the industry average of 28.98%.

Alibaba’s trailing-12-month effective tax rate is 18.52% compared to the industry average of 23.56%. Its five-year average, on the other hand, is 16.62%.

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Valuation ratios

Alibaba’s trailing-12-month price-to-sales ratio is 9.06x, while the industry average is 5.62x and the sector average is 123.63x. Peers Alphabet, Amazon, Baidu, and Facebook have trailing-12-month price-to-sales ratios of 6.88x, 3.50x, 7.70x, and 15.08x, respectively.

Alibaba’s price-to-book ratio for its most recent quarter is 6.69x, whereas the industry and sector averages are 5.06x and 1.74x, respectively. The company’s price-to-tangible book value is 16.28x, while the industry and sector averages are 8.71x and 2.58x, respectively. Its trailing-12-month price-to-cash flow is 30.83x, while the industry and sector averages are 19.76x and 12.46x, respectively.


Alibaba’s trailing-12-month revenue-to-employee ratio is 673,786x, and the industry and sector averages are 24,643,983x and 6,369,131x, respectively. Meanwhile, its trailing-12-month net income-to-employee ratio is 159,846x, whereas the industry and sector averages are 4,569,150x and 733,154x, respectively. Alibaba’s trailing-12-month receivable asset turnover ratio is 0.44x.


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