HPE’s Revenue Is Expected to Rise in 2018 and Beyond



Revenue expected to rise 6.3% in fiscal 2018

In the previous article, we saw that analysts expect Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s (HPE) revenue to rise 2.4% in the fourth quarter of fiscal 2018, which would result in revenue growth of 6.3% YoY (year-over-year) for the company in fiscal 2018.

Analysts also expect its revenue to rise marginally by 0.1% YoY in the first quarter of fiscal 2019 and its overall revenue to rise 0.7% in fiscal 2019. HPE’s sales are expected to rise 1.6% to $31.45 billion in 2020.

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Earnings expected to rise over 60% in fiscal 2018

However, while HPE’s revenue is expected to rise in the low single digits in fiscal 2019 and fiscal 2020, its EPS are expected to rise at a robust pace. Analysts expect its EPS to rise 38.7% in the fourth quarter of fiscal 2018 to $0.43 and 2.9% in the first quarter of fiscal 2019 to $0.35.

While HPE’s EPS could rise 59.4% to $1.53 in fiscal 2018, analysts expect its EPS to rise 4% to $1.59 in fiscal 2019.

Peer hardware networking companies IBM (IBM), Cisco (CSCO), and Juniper (JNPR) are expected to see EPS changes of 1%, 17.3%, and -11.4%, respectively, in their current fiscal years.


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