Gauging Analysts’ Views on Tesaro Stock



Analysts’ recommendations

In November, of the total 21 analysts covering Tesaro (TSRO) stock, 13 have given it “buy” or higher ratings, and eight have given it “hold” ratings.

The mean rating for Tesaro stock is 2.1, and its target price is $54.33, implying a potential upside of 27.9% over its closing price of $42.48 on November 20.

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Peers’ ratings

In comparison, for peers AbbVie (ABBV), BioMarin Pharmaceutical (BMRN), and Johnson & Johnson (JNJ), analysts have mean ratings of 2.6, 1.79, and 2.32, respectively, and target prices of $100.58, $121.67, and $146.78, respectively.

Tesaro’s quick ratio stands at 2.80. In comparison, the quick ratios of AbbVie, BioMarin Pharmaceutical, and Johnson & Johnson stand at 1.10, 2.30, and 1.40, respectively.

Tesaro’s cash per share stands at $8.66. In comparison, AbbVie, BioMarin Pharmaceutical, and Johnson & Johnson have cash per share of $5.84, $8.11, and $7.22, respectively.

Price performance

Tesaro stock has been on a downward trajectory so far in 2018. From $78.84 on January 4, Tesaro slid to $26.67 on August 10. Subsequently, the stock rose to $44.29 on October 17, but amid broader market turmoil, it fell to $25.10 on November 9. Tesaro stock has registered a strong gain in the last few sessions and is currently trading at ~$42.

Tesaro’s EV (enterprise value) is $2.09 billion, and its EV-to-revenue ratio is 9.53. Its price-to-sales ratio is 10.66. In comparison, the price-to-sales ratios of AbbVie, BioMarin Pharmaceutical, and Johnson & Johnson stand at 4.12, 10.88, and 4.83, respectively.


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