How Snapchat Partnership Can Help Amazon



Snap forms partnership with Amazon

Snap (SNAP), the parent company of multimedia messaging application Snapchat, has recently partnered with Internet giant Amazon (AMZN) to roll out a new feature that could enable people to search products sold by Amazon using Snapchat’s camera. Through the app’s camera feature, Snapchat can scan an object or barcode, and if the product is available on Amazon, information will show up displaying the details of the product, thus helping users to shop on Amazon’s website or app. Snap initially plans to bring the feature to users in the US and then roll it out to other countries later.

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Snap’s user base

Social media company Snap has been struggling to grow its user base, especially after it redesigned its Snapchat app in February, which its users didn’t like. In the second quarter of 2018, Snap reported a sequential decline of 3 million in its user base for the first time and ended the quarter with daily users of 188 million.

Therefore, Snap is making efforts to create diverse offerings for its audience rather than restricting them to a messaging platform, and Snap’s visual product search feature is a step in that direction. Snap expects the partnership with Amazon to boost its revenues and user base, though the companies haven’t disclosed the financial details.

Snap’s competition in the space

Snap’s camera search feature will directly compete with Pinterest, whose lens feature recognizes objects and brings up related content. Facebook-owned (FB) Instagram also allows users in 46 countries to shop directly from its Stories posts, a feature that the social media giant has been testing since June.


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