Analyzing Pfizer’s Stock Performance in October



About Pfizer

Pfizer (PFE) is one of the leading healthcare companies. Pfizer stock increased 1.5% and closed at $44.57 on October 17—compared to the previous close.

The above chart compares Pfizer’s stock performance with its peers in October.

Pfizer’s stock performance

So far, Pfizer’s stock price has increased ~1.1% in October. The company’s stock price increased nearly 3.6% during the past month.

Pfizer also reported 23.1% growth in its stock price in the last 12 months and 23.0% growth in its stock price in 2018.

However, analysts’ estimates show that the stock might decrease ~3.7% over the next 12 months. Analysts’ recommendations show a 12-month target price of $42.94 per share—compared to the last price of $44.57 per share as of October 17.

Peers’ stock performance

Pfizer’s peers include pharmaceutical companies like Johnson & Johnson (JNJ), Merck (MRK), and Eli Lilly (LLY).

Johnson & Johnson’s stock price has increased ~0.9% in October. The stock price decreased nearly 0.4% in the past month. Merck’s stock price has increased ~1.2% in October. The stock price increased nearly 2.0% in the past month. Eli Lilly’s stock price has increased ~5.9% in October. The stock price increased nearly 7.5% in the past month.

Notably, the First Trust NASDAQ Pharmaceuticals ETF (FTXH) holds 8.8% of its total investments in Pfizer, 6.8% in Johnson & Johnson, 4.3% in Merck, and 8.2% in Eli Lilly.

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