Will New iPhones Become Apple’s New Top-Selling Premium Devices?



iPhone X was the top-selling premium Apple device

As we’ve learned, Apple (AAPL) launched three new iPhones on September 12. It will be interesting to see whether Apple yet again manages to encourage user upgrades, which would result in robust holiday sales for the company.

During its most recent earnings call, Apple confirmed that the iPhone X was its top-selling device in the first two quarters of 2018. While an “S” device generally focuses on specifications and not on design improvements, Apple might find it difficult to drive user upgrades.

However, Apple has time and again surprised Wall Street with increasing sales year after year.

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iPhone X accounted for 12% of total iPhone sales in August

According to data from Mixpanel, Apple’s iPhone X was the top-selling iPhone in August and accounted for 12% of total iPhone sales. The iPhone X managed to capture a significant portion of the total iPhone market despite its high price of $1,000.

We can also see that in 2018, the iPhone 8 Plus outperformed the iPhone 8 in terms of devices sold. The iPhone 8 Plus accounted for 9.4% of the total iPhone market compared to 7.9% for the iPhone 8. This marked the first time that a “Plus” device outsold its standard iPhone device.

The iPhone 6, which was launched in 2015, managed to account for 33.4% of the total iPhone market—far more than any other device.

Apple announced that the iPhone X would no longer be part of the iPhone line-up along with other devices such as the 6S, the 6S Plus, and the SE. According to an Apple Insider report, “The release of the three new models, [which] offer most of the iPhone X’s main features, have made the 2017 model redundant.”


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