US Potash Prices Were Flat Last Week



Potash prices

Last week, potash prices didn’t show movement in NOLA (New Orleans) or the Cornbelt region of the US. However, prices in Brazil and Southeast Asia gained week-over-week. Companies (XLB) such as Nutrien (NTR), Mosaic (MOS), and Israel Chemicals (ICL) have experienced stability in potash prices more than in nitrogen fertilizer prices, which are more volatile as a result of the volatility in natural gas prices.

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Weekly movements

Last week, granular potash prices in Brazil rose by ~20 basis points to $338 per metric ton from $337 per metric ton on September 7. While this may not seem like a lot, these gradual increments in potash prices have led to a 26% increase year-over-year from $267 per metric ton a year ago.

In Southeast Asia, potash prices rose ~2.4% to $296 per metric ton from $289 per metric ton a week ago. Year-over-year, potash prices in these locations have increased 10% from $262 per metric ton.

In NOLA, potash prices fell 38 basis points to $240 per metric ton, and in the Cornbelt region of the US, potash prices were flat at $264 per metric ton last week. Year-over-year, prices at both these locations were up by 19% and 15%, respectively.


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