Estimates and Recommendations for DaVita on September 17

Wall Street analyst estimates

Wall Street analysts estimate that DaVita (DVA) will report a 25.3% decline in revenues to $11.6 billion in 2018 compared to $15.5 billion in 2017. Its adjusted EPS is estimated at $4 in 2018 compared to $3.32 in 2017. Analysts estimate that its net adjusted income will increase to $693.4 million in 2018 compared to $634.9 million in 2017.

Estimates and Recommendations for DaVita on September 17

The above chart compares the changes in analyst recommendations for DaVita since January 2018.

Analyst ratings

DaVita stock has risen nearly 18.7% in the last 12 months but has fallen 2% in 2018 year-to-date. Analysts estimate that the stock could increase 13.6% over the next 12 months. Wall Street analysts are estimating a 12-month target price of $80.44 per share compared to $70.78 on September 14.

As of September 17, there are ten analysts tracking DaVita. Five of them have recommended a “strong buy” for the stock, and five have recommended a “hold.” None of them have recommended a “sell.” The consensus rating for DaVita is 2.0, which represents a “strong buy” for long-term growth investors and value investors. The changes in analysts’ estimates and recommendations are based on changing trends in the stock and the company’s performance.

The Invesco S&P 500 Equal Weight Health Care ETF (RYH) holds 1.4% of its total investments in DaVita (DVA), 1.6% in UnitedHealth Group (UNH), 1.6% in Becton Dickinson & Co. (BDX), and 1.7% in CVS Health (CVS).