Why Most Analysts Recommend ‘Hold’ for Ford Stock



Ratings for Ford stock

Of the 21 analysts covering Ford (F) stock, most (76%) recommend “hold,” 19% recommend “buy,” and 5% recommend “sell.” Their 12-month target price of $12.28 for Ford implies a ~13% upside to its market price of $10.87.

In the last three months, some analysts have changed their ratings for Ford stock to “buy,” as shown in the chart above. In contrast, their price target for the stock was higher six months ago, at $12.85.

Despite analysts’ weak outlook, US auto sales growth in the second quarter boosted auto investors’ confidence. However, Ford’s weak 2018 outlook and uncertainties about US auto demand continue to impact investor sentiment, keeping analysts cautious.

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Ratings for Ford’s peers

Analysts’ recommendations and outlook for Ford’s peers (FXD) are as follows:

  • Of the analysts covering General Motors (GM), 60% recommend “buy,” and their target price implies a 24% upside to its market price.
  • Of the analysts covering Fiat Chrysler (FCAU), 59% recommend “buy,” and their target price implies a 37% upside.
  • Of the analysts covering Toyota (TM), 59% recommend “buy,” and their target price implies a 7% upside.

Read on for a look at analysts’ Q2 revenue estimates for Ford.


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