Nutrien’s Retail Business and Agrible’s Technology Platform



Agrible’s digital technology

Agrible’s technology gives a digital dimension to farming activity by driving efficiency in decision-making. For example, Agrible’s tools provide ahead-of-time insights into weather and yield potential so farmers can take or change their courses of action based on those insights. Let’s look at Agrible’s four tools.

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Grower Service

Agrible’s Grower Service gives insights to growers ahead of time, which helps them make more effective decisions. Below are some of the tools offered under the umbrella of Grower Service:

  • Yield Engine helps farmers know the yield potential based on weather.
  • Field Forecast helps farmers get weather insights.
  • Tractor Time lets growers know ahead of time if their fields are ready.
  • Nutrient Engine gives crop nutrient recommendations to growers.

A full list of Agrible’s Grower Service is shown in the above chart.

Among these services, Nutrient Engine may align Nutrien’s (NTR) fertilizer business more closely with growers and also give insights to the company on sales visibility.

Unlike CF Industries (CF), Mosaic (MOS), and Intrepid Potash (IPI), Nutrien continues to push further into the retail market (MOO) with Agrible’s acquisition.

Next, we’ll look at pricing and customers for Agrible’s products.


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