Pfizer’s Performance across Geographies



Pfizer’s performance

As discussed earlier, Pfizer’s (PFE) international revenue grew in Q1 2018, while its US sales fell. The chart below shows Pfizer’s geographical revenue.

US markets

In Q1 2018, US revenue fell 5% YoY (year-over-year) to ~$6.3 billion from ~$6.6 billion. Innovative Health revenue grew 1% YoY to ~$4.5 billion, while Essential Health revenue fell ~19% YoY to $1.7 billion.

  • The Innovative Health segment was driven by sales of rare disease, inflammation, immunology, oncology, and consumer healthcare products, and offset by lower internal medicine and vaccine sales.
  • Essential Health revenue fell due to lower sales of sterile injectable pharmaceuticals and legacy established products offset by strong sales of Peri-LOE[1.loss of exclusivity] products and biosimilars.

International markets

In Q1 2018, international revenue grew 8% YoY to ~$6.6 billion from $6.1 million. Innovative Health operating revenue grew 5% YoY to ~$3.3 billion, while Essential Health revenue fell 2% YoY to ~$3.4 billion.

  • The Innovative Health segment was driven by sales of oncology, vaccines, internal medicine, and consumer healthcare products, and partially offset by lower rare disease, inflammation, and immunology product sales.
  • Essential Health revenue was driven by strong sales of sterile injectable pharmaceuticals, legacy established products, Pfizer One, and biosimilars, and offset by lower Peri-LOE product sales.

The Invesco Dynamic Pharmaceuticals ETF (PJP) invests 4.7% of its holdings in Pfizer, 4.9% in Gilead Sciences (GILD), 4.5% in AbbVie (ABBV), and 4.7% in Abbott Laboratories (ABT).

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