How Microsoft Thinks Flipgrid Could Revolutionize Education



Technology’s impact on the education and job market

Earlier, we discussed Microsoft’s (MSFT) acquisition of Flipgrid. On the company’s acquisition of Flipgrid, Eran Megiddo, Microsoft’s corporate vice president, said, “We’re thrilled to see the impact Flipgrid has had in social learning thus far and look forward to helping them continue to thrive as part of the Microsoft family.”

Megiddo added, “We’re diligently committed to making sure their platform and products continue to work across the Microsoft, Google and partner ecosystems to benefit students and teachers everywhere.”

Microsoft has a lot of expectations of Flipgrid, as it sees Flipgrid helping teachers and students to build social and emotional skills beyond the traditional curriculum.

According to a research conducted by Microsoft in collaboration with McKinsey & Company’s education practice, 30%–40% of jobs in growth industries require soft skills, as the above presentation shows.

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Microsoft’s acquisition of Flipgrid has made its earlier paid services free

Earlier, Flipgrid’s video platform was a subscription-based service. Flipgrid’s customers were charged annual subscription fees of $1,000, $800, and $40 for educators, schools, and school districts, respectively.

However, following its acquisition by Microsoft, Flipgrid is now free for users and students. Current Flipgrid subscribers will receive an apportioned refund from the company. The Flipgrid app has already been integrated into Microsoft Teams in Office 365 for Education. Customers who have already paid for a subscription will get a refund.


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