Here’s Amazon’s Latest Expansion in the Smart Speaker Segment



Amazon is launching Echo in France

Amazon (AMZN) has been the pioneer in the smart-speaker segment. The tech giant has already launched Alexa-enabled Echo in the US, Germany, Canada, Australia, UK, Japan, New Zealand, Ireland, and India. The company announced on Sunday, June 5, that users in France can now pre-order Amazon’s Echo, Echo Dot, and Echo Spot with a French version of Alexa.

Amazon Echo and Echo Dot shipments are slated to begin on June 11, while the video-enabled Echo Spot is expected to start shipping next month. Google (GOOG), though, started shipping its Home smart speakers in France last year. Apple, which started selling its smart speaker HomePod earlier this year, recently said that it will start shipping it in Canada, Germany, and France, later this month.

The competition in the smart speaker space is heating up

Amazon is likely to continue to make Echo and its variants available in other markets as well, as smart speakers are getting more popular. The smart speaker market is heating up with Amazon and Google fighting it out for the lion’s share of the market. Smart speakers could be a critical part of a connected home in the future. According to Strategy Analytics, other smart speaker producers have already started eating up some of their market share.

While smart speakers make up a negligible portion of Amazon’s total revenue, the company is very bullish on its digital assistant, Alexa.

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