Gener8 Maritime Partners: Analysts Recommend a ‘Buy’



Consensus rating

According to Reuters, the consensus rating for Gener8 Maritime Partners (GNRT) is 2.17, which means a “buy.”

Six analysts gave recommendations on Gener8 Maritime Partners. Three analysts are bullish on the stock. Two analysts recommended a “strong buy,” while one analyst recommended a “buy.” Three of the analysts recommended a “hold.” None of the analysts recommended a “strong sell” or “sell.”

Peers’ ratings

Below are the consensus ratings for other crude oil tanker companies on a scale of one (strong buy) to five (strong sell):

  • Nordic American Tankers (NAT): 3.57 or a “sell”
  • Gener8 Maritime (GNRT): 2.17 or a “buy”
  • Teekay Tankers (TNK): 2.63 or a “hold”
  • Euronav (EURN): two or a “buy”

Target price

The consensus 12-month target price for Gener8 Maritime Partners is $6.8, which implies a potential upside of 10.4% from the market price of $6.16 on May 25.

Latest news

Gener8 Maritime has a special meeting on June 11. Shareholders will vote on a proposal to approve the company’s merger with Euronav. In December 2017, Euronav and Gener8 Maritime Partners announced a stock-for-stock merger for all of Gener8 Maritime Partners’ issued and outstanding shares. After the merger, Gener8 Maritime Partners will become a wholly owned subsidiary of Euronav. Euronav and the combined company will remain listed on the NYSE and Euronext under the ticker “EURN.”

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