Analysts’ Recommendations for Golar LNG in June



Stock performance

Golar LNG (GLNG) stock has fallen more than 9% since the start of the year. The stock fell sharply after its first-quarter results. 

As of June 8, GLNG has fallen 21.3% in the last month. In the same period, other LNG (liquefied natural gas) carrier companies (UNG) have outperformed GLNG. Hoegh LNG Partners (HMLP), Dyanagas LNG Partners (DLNG), and Teekay LNG Partners (TGP) have risen 1.3%, fallen 2.2%, and fallen 5.3%, respectively.

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Analysts’ recommendations

Currently, 13 analysts have given recommendations on Golar LNG. Of these analysts, 92% are bullish on Golar LNG, with eight suggesting “strong buys” and four suggesting “buys” on its stock. Only one analyst has given a “hold” recommendation on Golar LNG. No analysts have rated Golar LNG as a “strong sell” or a “sell.”

First-quarter results

In the first quarter, Golar LNG reported operating income and EBITDA of $6.4 million and $22.8 million, respectively, compared to $2.8 million and $19.4 million, respectively, in the fourth quarter of 2017. 

Improved hiring rates and round-trip economies pushed Golar LNG’s net voyage revenue to $41.7 million from $38.1 million in the previous quarter. The company reported higher expenses. As of March 31, Golar LNG’s unrestricted cash position was $172.4 million. Golar LNG distributed a dividend of $0.05 per share for the first quarter. The company has a dividend yield of 0.71%.


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