The Performance of AstraZeneca’s Pulmicort, Daliresp, and Tudorza




AstraZeneca’s (AZN) Pulmicort witnessed a 3.0% increase in sales to $346.0 million in the first quarter. Despite its weak performance in the United States and Europe, this increase was attributable to higher sales in emerging markets.

Pulmicort’s sales increased 8.0% in emerging markets to $270.0 million due to a higher level of demand in China and strong underlying volume growth in China, the Middle East, and the Asia-Pacific region. Emerging market sales represented 78.0% of the drug’s global sales in the first quarter.

Pulmicort’s sales in the United States dropped 29.0% to $29.0 million in the first quarter. Its Europe sales increased 4.0% to $27.0 million during this period.

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Daliresp’s sales decreased 14.0% to $38.0 million in the first quarter. The drug generated 76.0% of its sales from the United States in the first quarter, which fell 24.0% to $29 million due to reduced adoption.

Daliresp is the only oral, selective, long-acting inhibitor of phosphodiesterase-4, which is an inflammatory enzyme associated with COPD. Daliresp’s sales in Europe rose 40.0% in the first quarter to $7.0 million.


Sales of Tudorza declined 8.0% in the first quarter to $34.0 million. The US sales of the drug decreased 27.0% to $11.0 million. This decrease reflected lower levels of use of inhaled monotherapy medicines for treating COPD.

In March 2017, AstraZeneca entered a strategic collaboration with Circassia Pharmaceuticals for developing and commercialization of Tudorza in the United States. Consequently, Circassia began promoting Tudorza in the United States in May 2017.

Sales of Tudorza witnessed a decline in Europe as well, where they fell 10.0% in constant currency terms to $20.0 million in the first quarter. This decline was due to the decline of the overall LAMA monotherapy class.

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