IBM Launches Its Call for Code Program



Developers to compete on creating disaster preparedness solutions

IBM (IBM) pledged up to $30 million over five years to a program whose goal is to unite developers and encourage them to create technology solutions to address social challenges. Through its recently launched Call for Code program, IBM is specifically focused on inspiring developers to tap into blockchain, artificial intelligence, and Internet-of-Things technologies to build solutions for natural disaster preparedness and relief.

The company cites preventing, responding to, and recovering from natural disasters as some of the most pressing societal issues today. IBM’s Call for Code program is fashioned as a contest where developers compete on creating the best solution for natural disaster relief.

Developing ideas into actual solutions

Under the initiative, IBM plans to fund access to developer tools, technologies, and training with experts, according to a company statement. The contest is expected to be held annually for five years.

Each year, the winning team will receive a financial prize and access to long-term support to develop their idea from prototype to an actual solution or product. IBM is partnering with the American Red Cross and the United Nations on the Call for Code program to create tech-based natural disaster relief.

Introducing developers to IBM technologies

For IBM, the Call for Code program could help introduce more developers to its technologies, which could lead to breakthroughs that could, in turn, enlarge the market for the company’s products. IBM is in an intense race with Amazon (AMZN), Google, and Alibaba (BABA) for revenues in the cloud computing market.

IBM reported revenues of $19.1 billion in the first quarter. Amazon and Google parent Alphabet (GOOGL) posted revenues of $51.0 billion and $31.2 billion, respectively, in the first quarter.

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