Why HPE Is Optimistic about Long-Term Growth



Introduction of new products

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) has introduced several products in the last few months, building a wide array of solutions. In December 2017, HPE launched HPE GreenLake, a group of pay-per-use solutions to manage customer workloads. GreenLake offers enterprises the flexibility to choose workloads, and it includes offerings in big data, open database, SAP HANA (SAP), and edge computing.

HPE also launched OneSphere in December last year. OneSphere is a software-management platform that enables customers to deploy and optimize on-premises private clouds through a simplified experience. HPE believes this platform to be the best in the industry.

In November 2017, HPE announced its modular in-memory computing platform known as the HPE Superdrome Flex. According to CEO Antonio Neri, “The platform enables enterprise of any size to process and analyze massive amount of data and turn it into real time business insights.”

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Blockchain product

Last year, HPE also announced its blockchain-as-a-service solution known as DLT (distributed ledger technology), which is part of the HPE Mission Critical Blockchain vertical. HPE has partnered with R3 to bring R3’s blockchain technology into its Mission Critical systems. This partnership should provide enterprises with the required hardware to run their own individual blockchain operations. HPE is eyeing the highly lucrative blockchain space, which has already attracted investments from tech heavyweights such as IBM (BM), Microsoft (MSFT), and Oracle (ORCL).

HPE announced a $57 million win with the United States Department of Defense for supercomputers that will be used to design helicopters as well as forecast weather.


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