What Analysts Are Saying about TD Ameritrade



Ratings for AMTD

TD Ameritrade Holding (AMTD) is tracked by 19 analysts in March 2018. Eight of them are suggesting a “hold,” and one is recommending a “strong sell” for the stock. The company attracted “strong buy” ratings from seven analysts, and three have given it “buy” ratings. In February 2018, the ratings were same.

AMTD was covered by 19 analysts in January 2018. Nine of them recommended a “hold,” and one rated it a “strong sell.” Three analysts gave it “buy” ratings, and six suggested a “strong buy.”

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AMTD’s peers

CBOE Global Markets (CBOE) is covered by 13 analysts in March 2018. Nine of them have given it a “hold” rating, and three are suggesting a “buy.” The remaining one analyst is suggesting a “strong buy.”

Of the 13 analysts covering CBOE in February 2018, nine suggested a “hold,” and two gave it a “buy” rating. Two analysts gave it a “strong buy.”

TD Ameritrade’s competitor Morgan Stanley (MS) is covered by 28 analysts in March 2018. Twelve of them have given it a “strong buy” rating, and nine are suggesting a “hold.” Six analysts are recommending a “buy,” and one has given it a “sell” rating. In February 2018, MS had the same ratings.

PNC Financial Services (PNC) is covered by 28 analysts in March 2018. Seven are suggesting a “strong buy,” and 17 are recommending a “hold” for the stock. The remaining four analysts have given it a “buy” rating.


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