Wall Street’s 1-Year Forecast for ConocoPhillips



Analyst recommendations for ConocoPhillips

According to Reuters, 23 analysts were covering ConocoPhillips stock on March 9, 2018. Of these, ~22% recommended “strong buy,” ~52% recommended “buy,” and ~26% recommended “hold.” There were no “sell” or “strong sell” recommendations.

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COP’s mean target price

The mean target price on ConocoPhillips stock is $66.19, which is ~20% higher than its closing price of $55.06 on March 9, 2018. In the last three months, ConocoPhillips stock’s mean target price has increased from $56.80 to $66.19.

Other oil and gas producers

Based on Wall Street analysts’ mean price targets, oil and gas companies Devon Energy (DVN) and Southwestern Energy (SWN) have potential upsides of ~44% and ~46%, respectively, based on their March 9 closing prices. CONSOL Resources (CNX) has a potential upside of ~16%. SWN and CNX are primarily natural gas producers. To learn more about ConocoPhillips’s plans for the next three years, read ConocoPhillips’s 2017 Analyst and Investor Meeting: Key Takeaways.


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