How Yandex Stacks Up against Its Search Engine Competition



Third-party measurements show Yandex leads in Russia

Internet search engine services are Yandex’s (YNDX) largest business and the foundation of its advertising business. As a company, Yandex is incorporated in the Netherlands, but Russia is essentially its domestic market because most of its operations are located there.

As per analytics firm StatCounter, Yandex’s share of the Russian search engine market was a little over 54% in February 2018. Google’s share of the Russian search engine market was estimated at 42.7% in February 2018. Microsoft’s (MSFT) Bing and Verizon’s (VZ) Yahoo held less than 1.0% shares of the Russian search engine market in February.

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Yandex among the world’s top-five search providers

Worldwide, StatCounter data show that Yandex’s share of the search engine market was less than 1.0% in February 2018 but that it was one of the top-five global search providers in the month. China’s Baidu (BIDU) controlled 1.28% of the worldwide search engine market in February 2018, making it the world’s fourth-largest Internet search provider.

Yandex search queries rose 9.0%

According to Yandex’s own data, its share of the overall Russian search market averaged 56.5% in 4Q17, compared to 54.9% in 3Q17. The company said it processed 9.0% more search queries in Russia in 4Q17 compared to 4Q16. Yandex said its search share on Android was 45% in 4Q17. Android, a product of Alphabet’s (GOOGL) Google, is the dominant mobile operation system in Russia and the world.


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