How Wall Street Views these Consumer Financial Companies



Ratings for DFS and AXP

In February 2018, Discover Financial Services (DFS) was covered by 25 analysts, of whom nine suggested a “strong buy” and five recommended a “hold” on the stock. However, one analyst had a “strong sell” rating and ten analysts were recommending a “buy.”

Of the 26 analysts who analyzed DFS in January 2018, six had suggested a “hold” and one analyst had given a “strong sell” rating. A “buy” is suggested by ten analysts, and nine recommended a “strong buy.”

Consumer financial company (XLF) American Express (AXP) was covered by 30 analysts in February, of which 16 recommended a “hold,” two suggested a “strong sell,” and one had a “sell” rating. However, seven suggested a “buy,” and the remaining four recommended a “strong buy.”

Of the 31 analysts who covered AXP in January, four suggested a “strong buy” and 17 recommended a “hold.” However, two analysts had a “strong sell,” and eight suggested a “buy.”

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Ratings for COF and SYF

Capital One Financial Corporation (COF) was covered by 25 analysts in February, of which ten suggested a “hold” and one recommended a “strong sell.” Plus, six analysts suggested a “buy,” and eight recommended a “strong buy.”

Synchrony Financial (SYF) was covered by 20 analysts in February 2018, of which eight suggested a “strong buy” and none had a “strong sell” or “sell.” Plus, seven analysts suggested a “buy,” and five recommended a “hold.”


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