How Ford’s US Fleet Sales Looked in February 2018

Ford’s US sales in February 2018

Ford Motor Company (F) sold 194,000 vehicle units in the US market in February 2018. This data reflected a fall of ~6.9% from its US sales in the same month of 2017.

February was the second consecutive month in which Ford reported YoY (year-over-year) US sales weakness after rising for the previous four months in a row. In January 2018, the company had US sales of 161,000 vehicle units, a ~6.6% YoY fall.

How Ford’s US Fleet Sales Looked in February 2018

Overall, Ford’s 2017 total US sales fell ~1.1% YoY, still better than the industry average.

Fleet sales weakness continued

In February 2018, Ford Motor Company’s (F) total US fleet sales fell ~3.8% YoY to 71,000 vehicle units. As a percentage of its total US sales, the company’s previous month’s fleet sales were 36.6%. In February 2017, Ford’s fleet sales as a percentage of its total US vehicle sales were lower at 32.9%.

In 4Q17, Ford’s US fleet sales rose at a much higher rate than those of its direct peer General Motors (GM).

Possible impact on market share

For auto companies, it’s important to keep the right balance between retail and fleet sales to protect profit margins and market share. Fleet sales typically result in lower profit margins for auto companies compared to retail sales. Nevertheless, fleet sales help automakers (FXD) boost their revenues and market shares.

In the last couple of years, auto giants such as Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCAU), GM, and Toyota Motor (TM) have increased their focuses on retail sales to improve their profit margins.

Next, we’ll take a look at Ford’s F-Series truck sales in February 2018.