What Do Wall Street Analysts Expect for Apache Stock?



Analysts’ targets for APA

About 48.3% of the analysts covering Apache (APA) stock have rated it a “hold,” and ~17.2% of the analysts have rated the stock as a “buy.”

The average target price of ~$50.43 implies a potential return of~32.0% in the next 12 months. The highest target price provided for the stock is $68 while its lowest target price is $34.

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Outlook for 4Q17

For 4Q17, analysts have projected an average earnings estimate of $0.22 per share for APA. Its low estimates stand at -$0.19 per share, and its high estimates stand at $0.39 per share. The average revenue estimate for APA is ~$1.6 billion for 4Q17. Low revenue estimates stand at ~$1.4 billion, while high revenue estimates are ~$1.7 billion. 


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