Why Snap Stock Rose 5% on February 14



Snapchat to finally start providing analytics data to popular creators

Snap’s (SNAP) Snapchat is now providing its popular creators with data about how well their “Stories” are doing. Starting February 14, Snapchat’s new analytics feature will allow users with large audiences to see how their Stories have performed and who has seen them. Snap’s stock price rose 5.3% on February 14, suggesting that investors liked the move.

This data could be important for the social media company if it wishes to generate more revenue from brands that want to partner with creators. Previously, popular creators had to turn to Snapchat rivals Instagram and YouTube to monetize their content. However, after this move, creators have more reason to keep creating posts on the app, which could boost Snapchat’s user base.

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Snap stock has risen almost 50% in February

Previously, popular Snapchatters typically depended on third-party analytics providers to get audience data. However, this could be expensive and in some cases, require users to give their login details.

The news follows a series of positive developments for the company this month. In the most recent quarter, Snap saw robust revenue and user base growth after slowing down for two quarters, which had investors worried. Snap stock has risen almost 50% in February.


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