Institutional Investment in XLU during 4Q17



Institutional ownership in XLU

In this part, we’ll look at institutional ownership in the Utilities Select Sector SPDR ETF (XLU) at the end of 4Q17. According to the latest report, UBS Financial Services is the biggest institutional investor in XLU with more than 8% stake. UBS held 11.66 million shares of XLU as of December 31, 2017.

Citi Investment Research was the top institutional investor in XLU at the end of 3Q17 with a stake of ~8%. In 4Q17, Citi Investment Research reduced its stake to 6.8% with nearly 9.7 million shares of XLU. Citi Investment Research sold nearly 2 million net shares of XLU in 4Q17.

Goldman Sachs added more than 3.4 million shares of XLU in 4Q17. With almost 7.5% stake in XLU, Goldman Sachs is the second-largest institutional investor in XLU.

Among the top five institutional investors, all of them except Citi Investment Research added to their net positions in XLU during 4Q17. Broader utilities (IDU) (VPU) started falling in mid-December 2017. Since then, broader utilities have corrected more than 10%.

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