FirstEnergy: Analysts’ Views and Price Targets



Analyst views

According to the Wall Street analyst consensus, FirstEnergy (FE) stock has a mean price target of $36.20 against its current market price of $32.80. That indicates an estimated upside of 11% in a year.

Of the 17 analysts tracking FirstEnergy stock, three of them have rated it a “strong buy,” while six have recommended a “buy.” Eight analysts have rated the stock a “hold,” and none of them have recommended a “sell” as of February 16, 2018.

The chart above shows how analysts’ views on FirstEnergy have changed recently. An increase in “buy” recommendations in the last few months hints that analysts’ views of FirstEnergy stock have changed from cautious to positive.

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Peer price targets

Exelon (EXC), the largest utility by revenue, offers an upside potential of more than 13% in a year. Wall Street analysts have given the stock a mean price target of $42.40 against its current market price of $37.50.

Public Service Enterprise Group (PEG) has a mean price target of $53.80, which implies a potential upside of nearly 11% going forward. It’s currently trading at $48.60.

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