Analysts’ Price Target Update for Mosaic in February




Mosaic (MOS) reported its 4Q17 earnings on February 19, 2018, with EPS (earnings per share) of $0.34. That beat analysts’ estimate of $0.28 for a positive surprise of 19.4%.

Since the company released its earnings, MOS stock has risen 5%. Let’s look at analysts’ ratings and price targets.

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Analysts’ ratings

As of February 22, 2018, the consensus mean rating for Mosaic (MOS) stock by 20 analysts surveyed by Reuters was 2.7 with an overall “hold” recommendation for the next 12-month period. The rating was 2.9 in January 2018.

Of those 20 analysts, three had a “strong buy” recommendation for the stock, and two had a “buy” recommendation for the next 12-month period.

Similar to what we saw for CF Industries (CF), 14 of the MOS analysts had a “hold” recommendation, and only two had a “sell” recommendation. In the above chart, you can see that one analyst initiated a rating on the stock in February.

Price target

The current mean price target for Mosaic is $28.40, which was upgraded from the mean of $26.40 in January. Its median price target is $27. Mosaic’s closing price on February 22, 2018, was $27.50.

Next, we’ll look at ratings and targets for Monsanto (MON).


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