Did Institutional Investors Sell Devon Energy in 4Q17?



13F filers’ statistics for Devon Energy

In 4Q17, 347 funds were buyers of Devon Energy (DVN) stock, and 352 funds were sellers of DVN stock. In 4Q17, total selling funds outnumbered total buying funds by five.

On December 31, 2017, 740 13F filers held DVN in their portfolios, out of which 13 filers had DVN in their top ten holdings. In 4Q17, DVN’s stock price increased ~13.0%.

When looking at the aggregate number of shares for 4Q17, 13F filers increased their aggregate DVN holdings by ~4.5% from ~406.6 million shares to ~424.7 million shares. On December 31, 2017, Devon Energy had ~525.0 million common shares outstanding.

Form 13F is an SEC mandate that must be submitted by all institutional investors who manage more than $100.0 million in assets.

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13F filers’ statistics for DVN’s peers

In 4Q17, 13F filers reduced their aggregate holdings in oil and gas production companies Marathon Oil (MRO), Range Resources (RRC), and Murphy Oil (MUR) by 0.15%, ~6.1%, and ~1.8%, respectively. In 4Q17, MRO and MUR rose ~25% and ~18%, respectively, whereas RRC fell ~13.0%.


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