Analysts’ Views and Price Targets for Duke Energy and Peers



Analyst price target

According to Wall Street analysts’ consensus, Duke Energy (DUK) stock has a mean price target of $82.30 and a current market price of $77.20, suggesting upside potential of 6.5% in the next 12 months.

Among the 18 Wall Street analysts tracking Duke Energy on February 26, 2018, one had recommended “strong buy,” four had recommended “buy,” 11 had recommended “hold,” one had recommended “sell,” and one had recommended “strong sell.”

DUK anr

Peer price targets

The chart above shows how analysts’ views on Duke Energy stock have changed in the last few months. In comparison, Wall Street analysts have given peer Exelon (EXC) a mean target price of $41.90, suggesting upside potential of 10% based its current market price of $38.20.

American Electric Power (AEP) has a mean price target of $73.10, and its current market price is $67.40, implying an upside potential of ~9% in a year. One of the largest regulated utilities, Xcel Energy (XEL), has a mean stock price target of $47 and a current price of $44.80, indicating a potential upside of 5%.

In this series, we’ve discussed Duke Energy’s recent performance and what the near future may hold for the stock. For information on its dividend profile, read Duke Energy’s Dividend Outlook and Growth Prospects. For more about US utilities (XLU), visit Market Realist’s Power Utilities page.

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