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Aphria: Analysts’ Ratings and Price Target




Aphria (APHQF) currently has a market capitalization of 2.7 billion Canadian dollars, which is almost half of Canopy Growth’s (WEED) market capitalization on February 6. Over the past one-year period, Aphria stock tripled from 5.50 Canadian dollars per share a year ago to 16.60 Canadian dollars per share.

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Analysts’ ratings

The current consensus mean rating for Aphria (APHQF) stood at 1.8, which translated into an overall “buy” recommendation for the next-12-month period. Of the eight analysts surveyed by Reuters, three analysts have a “strong buy” recommendation on the stock while three analysts have a “buy” recommendation.

Also, two analysts currently recommend a “hold” for the next 12-month period while none of the analysts have either a “sell” or a “strong sell” recommendation on the stock.

Similar to what we saw for Canopy Growth Corporation, the analysts’ price target has significantly jumped over the recent three-month period, particularly after the Federal Cannabis Act (Bill C-45) received approval from the House of Commons. This also prompted a rally in cannabis stocks (MJX) such as CanniMed (CMED) and Cronos (PRMCF).

Price target

The current consensus mean price target on Aphria stood at 22.90 Canadian dollars. However, the median stood significantly higher at 26.00 Canadian dollars, which meant that more analysts had their target prices on the higher side.

Compared to the current price of 16.60 Canadian dollars, the mean price target would translate into an upside of almost 37.0% while the median price target would translate into an upside of 57.0%. These price targets reflect analysts’ assumptions about the company’s future cash flows.

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