What to Expect from the NVIDIA-General Electric Tie-Up



Bringing artificial intelligence to hospitals

NVIDIA (NVDA) has recently joined hands with GE Healthcare, a subsidiary of industrial goods manufacturer General Electric (GE), to integrate AI (artificial intelligence) into its healthcare imaging devices. The deal could strengthen the companies’ ten-year partnership and General Electric’s position in the market.

The companies aim to leverage NVIDIA’s AI chips to speed up processing of the 50 petabytes of data generated per year by hospitals. GE Healthcare aims to utilize NVIDIA’s Revolution Frontier CT (computed tomography) system, which will process images two times faster for GE’s 500,000 imaging devices, improving patient care. The deal will also save time and improve diagnostic accuracy, leading to higher clinical efficiency.

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NVIDIA’s focus on AI

AI has become a necessity for growth in the competitive tech space. Rival companies Intel (INTC) and Qualcomm (QCOM) are looking to follow the AI trend. While Intel has acquired AI-related technology providers Altera, Nervana Systems, and Movidius to accelerate growth, Qualcomm is looking to bring AI to the device level with its Snapdragon processors. Apple (AAPL) has added AI features such as face and voice recognition to the latest iPhone.

NVIDIA has been growing its AI platform and collaborating with manufacturers and other healthcare institutions to develop machines or tools to improve efficiency and accuracy. NVIDIA has also announced a tie-up with Massachusetts-based Nuance Communications to use AI software capabilities for diagnostic imaging.


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