Institutional Investors Changed Their Holdings in XLU in 3Q17



Institutional investors in XLU

During 3Q17, there was lots of action for institutional investors in the Utilities Select Sector SPDR ETF (XLU). Goldman Sachs, the top institutional investor in XLU at the end of 2Q17, reduced its stake to just over 5% during 3Q17. It sold net 4.5 million units in 3Q17 and held 7.36 million units at the end of 3Q17, according to recent reports.

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Citi Investment Research also trimmed its stake marginally in 3Q17. It became the top institutional investor in XLU with more than 8% stake.

Managed Account Advisors added net 5.89 million units of XLU during 3Q17. It’s the second-largest institutional investor in the fund.

Bank of America Merrill Lynch sold net 2.4 million units of XLU in 3Q17 and held 3.6% of its total outstanding shares at the end of 3Q17. In the previous quarter, it held 5.5% in XLU.

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