How IBM’s Cloud Offerings Fared in Comparison to Peers



IBM’s position in hybrid cloud space makes it the third largest player in overall cloud space

Earlier in the series, we discussed IBM’s (IBM) Strategic Imperatives segment, where cloud continued to report double-digit growth in 3Q17. IBM’s cloud revenue on a TTM (trailing-12-month) basis stands now at approximately $15.8 billion. IBM’s initiatives and leadership in hybrid cloud offerings have enabled the company to hold a third-place position in the overall cloud space, according to Synergy Research. With a market share of 35%, Amazon (AMZN) continues to be a leader in the cloud space, followed by Microsoft (MSFT).

Comparative growth in cloud space

The above presentation by BI Intelligence shows that the cloud space continued to be dominated by Amazon, Microsoft, IBM (IBM), and Google/Alphabet (GOOG). In 3Q17, Amazon’s AWS (Amazon Web Services) revenue rose 44% to $4.6 billion. Microsoft’s Intelligent Cloud segment, driven by Azure, which reported 90% YoY growth, grew 13.5% to reach $6.9 billion. IBM’s cloud revenue rose 20% in the last quarter to reach $4 billion. Its cloud revenue is approximately $16 billion for the trailing 12 months.

Google doesn’t provide revenue figures for its GCP (Google Cloud Platform). Its Other Revenues segment includes Google cloud, which rose 49% to $3.4 billion.

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