Analysts’ Recommendations for Continental Resources



Analysts’ ratings for Continental Resources

Approximately 35.5% of analysts tracking Continental Resources (CLR) have rated the stock a “buy,” and the same number of analysts have rated the stock a “strong buy.” Around 26% have rated CLR stock a “hold.”

The average broker target price of $45.13 for CLR stock implies a potential return of around ~0.53% over the next 12 months.

The high and low analyst target prices provided by analysts for Continental Resources’ stock are $68 and $23, respectively.

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Upgrades and downgrades for CLR stock

In September, Imperial Capital initiated coverage on CLR stock with an “in-line” rating.

In May, Continental Resources received an upgrade from Credit Suisse, which had upgraded CLR stock to “outperform.” At the beginning of this year, KLR Group and Jefferies had both upgraded the stock to “buy.”

To learn more about CLR, read Exploring Continental Resources’ 2017 Action Plan.


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