Where Snapchat Is Beating Facebook



47% of US teens say they are using Snapchat

According to a recent poll from Piper Jaffray, Snapchat (SNAP) is the most popular social media platform among US teens. According to the research, 47% of American teens currently use Snapchat, a 12% year-over-year increase. Piper Jaffray polled 6,100 American teens in 44 states.

As the graph below shows, Snapchat was the least popular social media platform in 1H15, with just 11% of US teens using the app. Facebook’s (FB) Instagram was the most popular social media platform among American teens at the time, with 29% of the polled teens using the app.

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Snapchat has become popular among teens

In 1H15, Twitter (TWTR) and Facebook were used by 21% and 12% of US teens, respectively. However, the tables seem to have turned. Snapchat is currently used by 47% of American teens, while Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are used by 24%, 9%, and 7% of US teens, respectively.

Instagram has had some success by cloning some of Snapchat’s popular features. For example, Stories can be seen by the users’ friends and disappears after 24 hours. However, Snapchat still is more popular among US teens.

Please read the next part of this series to learn how Facebook could compete with Snapchat in that demography.

On a separate note, according to the same research by Piper Jaffray, 82% of the polled teens expect their next phone to be Apple’s (AAPL) iPhone, the highest percentage the research firm has ever seen in this survey.


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