Revenue and Earnings Growth for Electronic Arts and Peers



Activision Blizzard

Analysts expect revenue growth of 1.2% YoY (year-over-year) for Activision Blizzard (ATVI) in 4Q17, 6% YoY in fiscal 2017, 19.2% YoY in 1Q18, and 6.1% YoY in fiscal 2018. Comparatively, Activision’s EPS (earnings per share) are expected to fall 2.2% YoY in 4Q17, 1.8% YoY in fiscal 2017, 35.4% YoY in 1Q18, and 14.3% YoY in fiscal 2018.

Electronic Arts

Analysts expect revenue growth of -2.4% YoY for Electronic Arts (EA) in 4Q17, 9.1% YoY in 1Q18, 4.5% YoY in fiscal 2018, and 8.3% YoY in fiscal 2019. EA’s EPS are expected to fall -2.2% YoY in 4Q17, rise 1.8% YoY in fiscal 2017, rise 35.4% YoY in 1Q18, and rise 14.3% YoY in fiscal 2018.

Take-Two Interactive

Analysts expect revenue growth of -12.3% YoY for Take-Two Interactive (TTWO) in 4Q17, 6.2% YoY in fiscal 2018, 10.4% YoY in 1Q18, and 44.1% YoY in fiscal 2019. TTWO’s EPS are expected to fall 3% YoY in 4Q17, rise 18% YoY in fiscal 2018, fall 16% YoY in 1Q18, and rise 60% YoY in fiscal 2019.


Analysts expect revenue growth of 5.9% YoY for Zynga (ZNGA) in 4Q17, 11.8% YoY in fiscal 2017, 6.4% YoY in 1Q18, and 9.1% YoY in fiscal 2018. Zynga’s EPS is expected to rise 200% YoY in 4Q17, 233% YoY in fiscal 2017, 50% YoY in 1Q18, and 40% YoY in fiscal 2018.

We can see that analysts expect revenue for the top three gaming companies to decline in 4Q17, indicating lower YoY holiday sales. Revenue growth is, however, expected to continue in 1Q18 and 2018.

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