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Did Institutional Investors Remain Bullish on EEP in 3Q17?



Institutional activity in EEP

The ten largest institutional owners collectively hold 38.8% of Enbridge Energy Partners’ (EEP) outstanding shares. Out of these, Enbridge Energy Company, a subsidiary of Enbridge (ENB), holds 14.3% shares. Alps Advisors, OFI SteelPath, and Energy Income Partners are the top three owners of Enbridge Energy Partners stock after Enbridge Energy Company. They hold 4.8%, 3.9%, and 3.5%, respectively, of the total outstanding shares.

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The above table shows the recent changes in the top ten investors’ positions in Enbridge Energy Partners. As the table shows, there are no changes in Enbridge Energy Company’s holdings. Alps Advisors, OFI SteelPath, and Energy Income Partners added net 39.8 million EEP shares in 2Q17. As Form 13F is filed quarterly, the above changes in institutional investors’ EEP holdings reflect 2Q17 activity. Together, the top ten institutional investors added net 3.2 million Enbridge Energy Partners shares to their positions. We’ll have to wait for the filings for 3Q17 to see if the top investors remained bullish on EEP in the latest quarter.

Enbridge Energy Partners has 410 million shares outstanding. Of these, 85.7% are free-floating shares.

Recent large transactions

So far, we discussed what the top ten investors did with their Enbridge Energy Partners holdings. Now, we’ll discuss the biggest transactions in Enbridge Energy Partners.

Goldman Sachs & Company bought 1.5 million EEP shares recently. Deutsche Asset & Wealth Management and Tortoise Capital Advisors sold 2.4 million and 1.5 million EEP shares recently.

These don’t appear in the table above, as these aren’t among the largest holders of Enbridge Energy Partners shares currently.

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Next, let’s see what Enbridge Energy Partners’ current valuation indicates.


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