Google Heightening Gmail Protection



Increased protection against phishing

Alphabet’s (GOOGL) Google is moving to increase protection for Gmail users who are at higher risk of being targeted by sophisticated hackers, Reuters reported. Government officials, political activists, and journalists are some of the groups of Gmail users likely to be pursued by hackers seeking access to confidential documents.

The advanced security program that Google is rolling out for Gmail users would provide added layers of protection against fraudulent account access and phishing. Phishing which involves hackers tricking people into disclosing personal information that could be used for fraudulent transactions.

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Heightened account protection to include YouTube

Users who opt into Google’s advanced account security program would have their accounts continually updated to make it difficult for hackers to penetrate them. The account protection program would cover Gmail, YouTube, and Google Drive.

Google’s move to increase Gmail account protection comes at a moment of heightened concerns over data security and privacy due to a rise in high-profile data breaches. On October 3, Yahoo, now owned by Verizon (VZ), provided an update on its data breach revealed last year. Yahoo noted that every customer account—about 3 billion of them—were affected.

Amazon’s (AMZN) Whole Foods, Equifax (EFX), and the US (SPY) Securities and Exchange Commission (or SEC) are among the prominent entities that have recently disclosed that their systems might have been compromised by hackers.

Boosting user confidence

Considering the heightened concern over online data security and privacy, Google’s move to bolster Gmail security may help boost user confidence in its services. Gmail is one of the channels through which Google generates advertising revenues.


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