What Else Could Make This an Expensive Year for Insurance Giants?



Huge losses

US insurance giants (IYF) are expected to witness costs in the range of $20 billion–$65 billion stemming from the effects Hurricane Irma. This range includes costs from affected islands in the Caribbean and in the US. This year has indeed been an expensive year for major insurance giants, particularly as insurance companies were still estimating costs from Hurricane Harvey when Hurricane Irma arrived.

The costs resulting from Hurricane Harvey are expected to be in the range of $1.2 billion–$2.3 billion, while the expected range of losses from Hurricane Irma has changed because it depends on tide levels. The following insurance giants have these specific exposures to Hurricane Irma:

  • American International Group (AIG): ~$30 billion–$35 billion.
  • Chubb (CB): ~$15 billion–$20 billion
  • Progressive (PGR): ~$10 billion–$15 billion
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Revenues earned

Chubb (CB) has managed to generate total revenues of $32.3 billion on a trailing-12-month or TTM basis. Chubb has also reported total premiums earned of $28.7 billion on a TTM basis. The company reported net investment income of $2.9 billion on a TTM basis. Its competitors have the following net investment incomes on a TTM basis:

  • American International Group (AIG): $51.3 billion
  • MetLife (MET): $63.3 billion
  • Allstate (ALL): $37.7 billion

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