Integrated Energy Stocks’ Returns in 3Q17



Integrated energy stocks’ returns in 3Q17

In this series, we’ll rank ten global integrated energy companies based on their 3Q17 returns quarter-to-date. We’ll also look at the individual performances of these integrated companies. Let’s start with these companies’ rankings.

Petrobras (PBR), Statoil (STO), and Suncor Energy (SU) are the top three companies that have given returns higher than 15% in terms of price appreciation since July 3, 2017.

Of the top ten companies in our roundup, the bottom tier comprises ENI (E), BP (BP), PetroChina (PTR), and ExxonMobil (XOM). Since July 3, these companies have given returns that are less than 8%. XOM was the only loser in our list, falling 0.8% quarter-to-date.

The middle tier consists of Chevron (CVX), Total (TOT), and Royal Dutch Shell (RDS.A). These companies have given 8%–15% returns in the same period.

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Market capitalization

If we consider the stocks in the bottom tier, their returns stand in declining order from ENI to XOM, as shown in the chart above. However, their market capitalization levels stand in increasing order from ENI to XOM. Their market caps range from $60 billion to $339 billion.

With the exception of ENI, the stocks in our bottom tier have market caps above $100 billion. ENI has a market cap of $60 billion. The average market capitalization level of BP, PTR, and XOM stands at $223 billion, higher than the averages of the top stocks and middle stocks.

The top stocks have an average market cap of $62 billion. However, the average market cap of the stocks in the middle tier is $197 billion.

In this series, we’ll review each company and compare each one to the market benchmark index. We’ll begin with Petrobras.


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