What Analysts Think about Compass Minerals International



Compass Minerals International

Compass Minerals International (CMP) has returned losses of 9.8% YTD (year-to-date) and joins the list of companies (MOO) including Mosaic (MOS), CVR Partners (UAN), and Scotts Miracle-Gro (SMG), which has had a lackluster performance so far in 2017.

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Analyst rating

The current consensus mean rating on Compass Minerals International for the next-12-month period stood at 2.9 with a “hold” recommendation. Out of the eight analysts surveyed by Reuters, only one analyst had a “strong buy” recommendation on the stock, while none had a “buy” recommendation on the company for the next-12-month period.

Most of the analysts had a “hold” recommendation on the company for the next 12 months, while one analyst had a “sell” recommendation on the stock over the same period. None of the analysts had a “strong sell” recommendation on the stock for the next-12-month period.

The analysts’ price recommendation on the stock has pretty much remained unchanged since December 2016.

Price target

As of September 18, the consensus mean price target on CMP stood at $69.5 per share, which was about 1.6% lower than the closing price of $70 on the same day. The median price target was even lower at $67.5 on September 18.

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