Is the US Capturing Crude Oil Market Share in China and India?



China’s crude oil imports from the US 

The US started exporting crude oil after lifting the export ban in December 2015. China is the largest crude oil importer after the US. So far, China has imported 100,000 bpd (barrels per day) from the US in 2017. However, its imports rose to 180,000 bpd in May 2017. The rise in exports from the US will add to global oversupply. It’s bearish for crude oil (FENY) (FXN) (SCO) prices.

Lower crude oil prices have a negative impact on oil producers like SM Energy (SM), Chevron (CVX), Denbury Resources (DNR), and Noble Energy (NBL).

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China’s crude oil imports 

China’s crude oil imports rose to 8.76 MMbpd (million barrels per day) in May 2017—compared to April 2017. Imports rose 8% in May 2017—compared to April 2017. Read Will China’s Crude Oil Imports Help Crude Oil Bulls? to learn more.

India’s crude oil imports from the US 

India is the third-largest crude oil consumer after the US and China. India is expected to import crude oil from the US by October 2017. It will be the first time that India has imported oil from the US. India imports crude oil from OPEC members like Saudi Arabia and Iran.

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India’s crude oil imports 

India’s crude oil imports fell 4.2% in May 2017—compared to May 2016. India’s crude oil demand averaged 4.39 MMbpd in 2016. For more on India and Asia’s crude oil demand, read China, Japan, and India Could Help Crude Oil Bulls.


The rise in exports from the US will add to global oversupply. It will intensify the tussle for market share between the US, OPEC, and Russia. It could weigh on crude oil prices. 

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