A Quick Look at Baidu’s Valuation Multiples



Moving averages

On June 30, 2017, Baidu (BIDU) stock was trading at $178.86, 0.08% below its 100-day moving average of $179, 2.3% below its 50-day moving average of $183, and 0.63% below its 20-day moving average of $180.

In comparison, Alphabet (GOOG) was trading 2.8% above its 100-day moving average, Facebook (FB) was trading 4.1% above its 100-day moving average, Twitter (TWTR) was trading 5.1% above its 100-day moving average, and Square (SQ) was trading 23.5% above its 100-day moving average.

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Analysts’ recommendations

Of the 32 analysts covering Baidu, 14 have given it “buy” recommendations, three have given it “sells,” and 15 have given it “holds.” Analysts’ stock price target for the company is $197.25, and its median price target for the company is $195.50. Facebook is trading at a discount of 8.5% to its median target.

Relative strength index

For the last 14 days, Baidu has an RSI (relative strength index) of 47, compared to the levels of 39, 56, 61, and 49 recorded by Alphabet, Facebook, Twitter, and Square, respectively, within the same period.

Short-term and long-term debt

At the end of its most recent quarter, the company’s short-term debt was $5.5 billion, while its long-term debt was $4.9 billion. Cumulatively, the company has total debt of $10.5 billion against total capital of $24.9 billion. Its total debt-to-total capital ratio is 42%.


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