Seagate and Western Digital Led the HDD Market Last Year



424 million HDDs shipped in 2016

According to Trendfocus, Western Digital (WDC), Seagate (STX), and Japan’s (EWJ) Toshiba (TOSYY) are the major players in the HDD (hard disk drive) space. These three firms shipped 424 million HDD units in calendar 2016, representing a fall of 9.5% YoY (year-over-year), as compared to the ~468.7 million units shipped in 2015.

Mobile HDD units shipped ~167.1 million last year—a fall of 12% YoY due to declines in PC (personal computer) sales and increased SSD (solid state drive) penetration in the enterprise segment. WDC accounted for 43% of the mobile HDD market, followed by Seagate at 30%, and Toshiba at 27%. The average capacity of mobile HDDs was 928 GB, while the total capacity shipped was ~155.1 exabytes.

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Desktop HDDs

Worldwide shipments of desktop HDDs fell 18.5% YoY to ~100.9 million units, primarily driven by a decline in desktop PC sales. WDC led this vertical as well and accounted for 40.2% of total shipments, followed by Seagate and Toshiba at 39.8% and 20%, respectively. The average HDD capacity rose 12% YoY to 1.28 TB (terabyte), while exabytes shipped fell 9% YoY.

Enterprise HDDs

The three firms above shipped ~66.5 million units of enterprise HDDs last year, representing a fall of 45% YoY. While traditional enterprise shipments fell to ~25.5 million units in 2016 from ~31.8 million units in 2015, nearline HDD sales rose 9% YoY to 41 million last year.

Seagate continued to lead the enterprise HDD market with a 50% share, followed by Western Digital and Toshiba at 38% and 12%, respectively. The average capacities for enterprise HDDs rose 44% YoY to ~3.2 TB, whereas the capacity shipped rose 38% to ~214.1 exabytes.

Seagate and WDC’s unit shipments fell 17.8% and 14.2%, respectively, last year, while Toshiba’s shipments rose 23.5% YoY. At the end of 2016, Western Digital continued to lead the market with a share of 41.4%, followed by Seagate and Toshiba at 36.6% and 22.1%, respectively.


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