How IFF Stock Has Performed since 4Q16 Earnings



International Flavors and Fragrances to announce 1Q17 earnings

International Flavors and Fragrances (IFF) will announce its 1Q17 earnings on May 8, 2017, after the market closes. In this series, we’ll look at IFF’s stock performance since its 4Q16 earnings release on February 15, 2017. We’ll analyze revenue forecasts, EPS (earnings per share) estimates, analyst recommendations, and the stock’s latest valuations.

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International Flavors and Fragrances stock performance since 4Q16

IFF’s stock performance since 4Q16 results were released has been spectacular. IFF outperformed the broader markets (SPY) and its peer Sensient Technologies (SXT), which have returned 1.6% and 2.0%, respectively, from February 15, 2017, to May 2, 2017. IFF rose 16% for the same period.

IFF posted better-than-expected 4Q16 earnings and beat analysts’ estimates. On April 10, 2017, the company announced that it had acquired PowderPure, which helped it get one step closer to its 2020 vision of improving sales by $500 million to $1 billion by way of acquisitions. These positive developments drove IFF stock upwards.

Moving averages and relative strength index

IFF’s strong upward stock price moment helped it breach the 100-day moving average price. IFF traded 10.6% above its 100-day moving average price of $124.94 on May 2, 2017. IFF’s 52-week low is $113.16, while the 52-week high is $143.64.

IFF’s 14-day RSI (relative strength index) of 66 indicates that the stock is neither overbought nor oversold. An RSI score of 70 means that a stock has moved temporarily into an overbought situation, whereas an RSI score below 30 indicates that a stock has moved temporarily into an oversold position.

Investors can indirectly hold International Flavors and Fragrances by investing in the iShares U.S. Basic Materials ETF (IYM), which invests 1.8% of its holdings in IFF as of May 2, 2017. The top holdings of this fund include Dow Chemical (DOW) and DuPont (DD), which have weights of 11.6% and 11.4%, respectively.


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