How Does Comcast View 5G Technology?



Comcast on 5G

Currently, 5G (fifth-generation) technology is generating a lot of buzz in the telecommunications industry. This technology could provide 10x–100x faster wireless speeds than 4G (fourth-generation) technology. Comcast (CMCSA) discussed its 5G strategy during its 1Q17 earnings call.

Comcast had stated during an earlier earnings call that it believes that 5G has two components: propagation of the higher frequency bandwidth and installation of advanced technology antennas.

Comcast also stated that according to experts who have studied its network, it has network compatibility with 5G. However, the company is still testing out its 5G technology over coaxial and fiber optic cable.

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However, Comcast stated that it didn’t believe that 5G technology currently posed a threat to fixed wireless broadband. The company also pointed out that when it comes to its High-Speed Internet business, it plans to continue with the rollout of DOCSIS[1. Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification] 3.1 across its footprint.

Comcast’s High-Speed Internet business

Comcast stated that it expects that by the end of 2017, that DOCSIS 3.1 technology would be deployed across 65% of its footprint. Comcast is also continuing its investment in the XB6 modem as it expects it to be five times faster than any other modem. 

The company currently has 15.0 million Wi-Fi hotspots across the United States (SPY). The company is in the process of rolling out its Xi5 set-top box, which is capable of supporting HDR[2. high-dynamic range] 4K[3. 4,000-pixel] capable.

According to PricewaterhouseCoopers’s estimates, 54.3% of mobile Internet subscribers could be on high-speed Internet by 2020, up from 25.7% in 2015, as indicated by the chart above. This estimate suggests robust demand for faster Internet access.


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