Why Oracle Acquired Wercker



Oracle acquired Wercker to target developer community

Earlier in this series, we discussed Microsoft (MSFT) and Oracle’s (ORCL) acquisition of Intentional Software and Moat, respectively. In the middle of April, Oracle again made the news when it announced the acquisition of Wercker, a startup in the IT software space. The financial details of the deal are not disclosed.

Wercker is an IT software startup that enables developers to build and incorporate new features and update software rapidly using containers. Its specialty lies in providing Docker and Kubernetes management tools for developers.

Wercker was founded in 2012 and before its acquisition, it raised $7.9 million in funding from ten investors, including INKEF Capital and Notion Capital.

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Tech players are increasingly drawn to Docker and Container ecosystem

Oracle is not the only company attracted to container and Kubernetes. Earlier this month, Microsoft announced the acquisition of Deis in an effort to target container technology.

In the graph above, you can see the results of the survey by The New Stack published in February 2016. Docker Swarm was used by 27% of production users, while Kubernetes was used by 15%. It’s worth noting that this information is slightly dated, but we do know that Kubernetes’s popularity has risen and is increasingly being adopted.

Docker is open source software that works on container technology. It enables software developers to construct, test, and deploy software. It packages together those essential components required to make an app or container work quickly. Kubernetes is open source software that allows developers to mechanize the deployment, scaling, sharing, and running of applications. That explains its popularity with developers and companies. Kubernetes is a container technology that was developed by Google (GOOG).

Currently, companies ranging from retail to financial services to banks need to update their applications rapidly. This explains why Oracle bought Wercker.


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