Understanding Cypress’s Tech Roadmap in Automotive



Cypress’s automotive roadmap

Cypress Semiconductor (CY) is seeing strong growth opportunities in a range of segments in the automotive market, and the company wants to boost its automotive revenue by 8%–12% annually over the next five years. In this effort, the company has an exhaustive automotive roadmap for both organic and inorganic growth.

Cypress’s automotive portfolio consists of Spansion’s MCU (microcontrollers), NOR flash, and Broadcom’s (AVGO) connectivity solutions in USB (universal serial bus), Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. These offerings come in addition to its own portfolio of PMIC (power management integrated circuits), PSoC (programmable system-on-chip), CapSense capacitive-sensing solutions, TrueTouch touchscreens, LED (light emitting diode) drivers, F-RAM and SRAM (ferroelectric and static random access memory).

A7_Semiconductors_CY_Auto portfolio

Cypress’s portfolio complies with industry standards, such as the ISO/TS 16949 quality management system, the Automotive Electronics Council guidelines for ICs, and the Production Part Approval Process.

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Traveo II features

Cypress dominates the automotive instrument cluster market with 38% share, thanks to its multicore Traveo MCU family. Cypress’s new Traveo II MCU family is built on ARM Cortex-M7 and -M4 cores and features 8MB (megabyte) of embedded flash, which enable it to deliver high performance across various body electronics applications.

The Traveo II MCU family features advanced peripherals, such as silicon level security, low power consumption, and support for CAN-FD, Ethernet, and FlexRay communication protocols. These MCUs are scalable and backed by AUTOSAR (automotive open system architecture) 4.2 software.

Cypress plans to start sampling its Traveo II MCU in 2H17, and the revenue from this should be reflected over the next three years.

Automotive TrueTouch CYAT8165X controllers

Cypress has expanded its automotive touchscreen controller portfolio with its new Automotive TrueTouch CYAT8165X controllers, which target screens up to 8.5 inches. The new controller joins the TrueTouch CYAT8168X controllers, which target screens up to 15 inches.

Automotive TrueTouch CYAT8165X controllers are built on a 32-bit ARM Cortex M-Core processor, which features Cypress’ AutoArmor technology that uses automatic frequency hopping to provide EMI (electromagnetic interference) resistance from other electronic systems. It also uses TX frequency spreading to reduce electromagnetic emissions and provides waterproofing and glove touch.

Cypress AutoArmor technology complies with electromagnetic compatibility specifications CISPR 25, chip-level emissions requirements IEC 61967, conducted immunity standard IEC 62132, and radiated immunity standard ISO 11452. The company is currently sampling new controllers and expects to launch them in 1Q17.

The above automotive products are gaining traction among tier-1 suppliers and OEMs (original equipment manufacturers).


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